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  Design of operating Features of Hydraulic Synchronized Variable Rake Angle Shears:-
  Mono Block Welded Steel rigid to deflection tensile movement of high tensile.
    Easy of accurate gap adjustment of blades for bur-free cuts.
    Polyamide surfaced Hydraulic Hold down cylinders of prevent sliding of the plates during cutting operating.
    Motorized back gauge with electronic digital readout.
Electronically adjustment RAKE ANGLE as per material of thickness for twist free cuts.
    Synchronized Been guided system for constant gap between Blades.
    Extra capacity to cut Hard-thicker plate than nominal capacity.
    Blades Produced from High alloying steel with functional four side.
    Adjustable Cutting & clamping force for quality cutting & power saving.
    Rapid cutting of short pieces by electrical stroke adjustment System.
    Hold down Cylinders for clamping.
    Figure guard for Operator safety.
    Hardened & chrome bars for safe feeding
    Front sheet supports.
    Left squaring arm with hardened & ground liner& stopper -scale.
Lever for blade gap adjustment.
Higher than required rake angle causes twisting of sheet. Hence even heavy Capacity Shears need to reduce the rake angle for cutting Lower thickness overtire shear provide this facility. HYDRAULIC VARIABLE RAKE ANGLE SHEARS HVR SERIES
  Standard Feature & Accessories For Hydraulic Shear
    Moving beam Synchronized by differential cylinders.
    Hardened rollers guide beam for constant blade gap.
    Blade gap easily adjustable by calibrated levers.
    Rake angle adjustable to suit thickness and material.
    Sheet clamped Hydraulically before cut starts.
    Stroke length - position can be set for short jobs.
    Beam returns on releasing foot switch for smaller cuts.
    Cutting area illuminated for clear view of ends.
    First two hold downs spaced closer at both ends.
    Squaring arm 1000mm at left with hardened liners.
    Squaring arm 600mm at right helps distribute wear.
    Front gauging by stopper-scale on squaring arm.
    Hardened rods on table for safe easier feeding.
    Two front supports for supporting longer plates.
    Front Operated motorized back gauge 1000mm travel wi ht R.R.
    Compact, Low Maintenance of silent Hydraulic system.
    Dependable international brands of hydraulics, electrical.
    Digital stroke - counter.
    HVR 315, HVR320, HVR325 ,HVR330 Have sheet supports, manual back gauge & left squaring arm of 600mm length
  Optional Accessories
    Automatic contact shearing
    Hydraulic Rear sheet supports
Capacities rated for M. S. Of U.S.A. 45 Kg/mm2 Yield 28 Kg./mm2 & S. S. Of U.S.A. 72 Kg./mm2 Yield 45Kg./mm2
Right to change specification, features, accessories without notices reserved.
Fixed Rake Hydraulic Shears.FR series. cap-1mm to 2mm. width - 1250 mm to 2000mm
Model Shearing Length mm


S. S.
Nominal Rake Angle Hold Down Strokes / min. Power H. P. Packing Dimension mm (L x W x H ) Apr. Weight Kg's. Oil Tank altars.
FR 125 2500 1 0.5 0.5 Hyde. 30 2 2900X1250X1250 2400 70
FR 212 1250 2 1 1 Hyde. 32 3 1650X1250X1250 1500 60
FR 215 1500 2 1 1 Hyde. 30 3 1900X1250X1250 1800 60
FR 220 2000 2 1 1 Hyde. 25 3 2400X1250X1250 2100 70
FR 225 2500 2 1 1 Hyde. 20 3 2900X1250X1250 2600 70
FR 230 3000 2 1 1 Hyde. 20 3 3400X1250X1250 3000 70
Standard Features & Accessories
    HCHC Blades each with four cutting edges.
    Hydraulic Sheet clamping.
    Fewer moving parts, less wear, longer service life.
    Activated by movable foot switch.
    Set of sheet supports 600 mm.
    Cutting beam synchronized by torsion tube.
    Stroke adjustment device.
    Manual back gauge 600 mm.
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