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  Design of operating Features of Hydraulic Press Brakes:
  Mono Block Welded Steel Frame ultra tested-2062 steel plates rigid to provide Accurate bending.
    All pivots have hardened of ground pin bushes of five piece guide slide lubricated by central hand pump.
    Repetitive accuracy is within + 0.03 mm
    Ram travel parallelism with out using sensitive & complex servo Hydraulics
Most reliable Hyde. components & sealing for international reputed design for 350 bar against operating pressure of 160 bar maximum
    Three cycles operation Inch, Single cycle & Auto for grater operator convenience.
    Three speed operation reduces ideal travel time which improves productivity.
    Bending force easily adjustable from front for ferule tools of bending soft material.
    Moveable operator console is provided with switches for cycle selection, ram up-down travel, emergency stop & motor on/off.
    Manual backstop with micro adjustable swing stop facilitate reverse bend.
    Electrical panels & components are provided as per international reputed brands.
Precisely designed of manufacture cylinders provided unlimited trouble free life. Seals can be changed quickly without dismantling the ram or need of crane.
  Standard Features & Accessories For Basic Model:-
    Main drive standard make motor.
    Electronic control panel with three speeds inch, single cycle, auto mode of operation.
    Two front sheet supports.
    Front operated manual back gauge. With micro- adjustment swing stoppers.
    Pair of lifting chains.
    Fine stroke adjustment rod with limit switches.
    One suitable 5 way die and blade. (Segmented or full length, EN-9 not covered under warranty).
    Movable console with emergency stop.
    Tonnage indicating- adjusting device.
    Manual centralized lubrication system with hand pump.
    Bending chart.
  Optional Accessories:-
    Ram tilting arrangement.
    Motorized back gauge with DRO.
    Extra finger for standard back gauge.
    Automatic lubrication system.
    Extra depth of throat.
  Bending capacities stated are only representative and not binding allow extra capacity for material inconsistencies, bending condition. Right to change specification, features without notice reserved.
Right to change specification, features, accessories without notices reserved.
View showing two cylinders mounted on the rear drive the ram through levers. Heavy duty torsion tube connect the levers. Electrical control panel Heavy duty slide & lock type back gauge with micro adjustment and hydraulic power pack.
Besides bending, Others pressing operation can be performed up to 60 % OF Tonnage capacity. Good return force enables easier stripping of tools after punching or perforating. Full tonnage throughout stroke allows 2-3 punching operations each requiring maximum pressing force successively in single stock by staggering the tools.
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