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Teaching box

line shift function, coordinate rotation and so on are also equipped so that the program Interpolation, cutting condition, current position display, and creating/loading/editing programs cab be executed from this box. 3D copy function, mirror conversion function, can be created within this box. The operability is excellent thanks to the joystick.


05R controller


A maximum if 10,000 programs can be registered. For the program storage, a CF card is adopted. NC command function is enhanced, and the capacity of the memory for NC program for cutting has been substantially increased to 8MB, which improves the productivity.

05R controller
Cutting condition sting function

The cutting condition are put together in the card type data base. 199 of cutting condition cards and 99 of welding condition cards can be registered.

Cutting condition stting function
Nesting function

The registered cutting program id arranged on the specified sheet so that the products can be obtained most efficiently

Nesting function
Cam function
NC program can be created from a readout CAD data.
Cam function
Pipe cutting function
The cutting path data when two pipe are to be joined can be automatically created by entering the out site diameter and thickness of each pipe the offset of pipe being joined at right - angles, and so on
Pipe cutting function
Welding function
Enables ramping and welding gas control.
Additional axis function ( option )
The control of an Nc rotary table can be handled using the controller's additional axis
External interface
Data can be input / output freely with in PC network
Drawing function
The path created program can be confined by drawing it in the 3D view
The TLH series machines are 3D, five-axis control laser cutting machines ideal for mass production applications and intended for high-speed cutting of thin panels.
Power outage countermeasure function
Even if a power outage occurs during teaching, the data remains recorded in memory.
Remote maintain ( option )
Remote maintain is performed through the internet.
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